Layflat Hose Couplers And Drip Tape Materials

Layflat hose sections and drip tape fittings are used to manufacture some irrigation systems. The flat, coiled design of a hose and its compatibility with extension pieces make it a suitable material for low or moderate pressure watering applications.

A Layflat Hose Design And Coupler Pieces

PVC is used to manufacture layflat hoses. This material contains a coating that is waterproof and resilient to ultraviolet rays. Compressed hose coils will appear to be wider in diameter than the fittings that a hose will be connected to. When water is running through a layflat section, the tubing will become rounded. Measuring the end of a fully engaged hose will provide an accurate width dimension for a hose's opening. This dimension should match the dimension of a coupler.

A coupler is used when two layflat hose sections are going to be attached together. A field or garden that is long in length may require the use of a coupler. By choosing to attach hose segments, the same water source can be used for all of the irrigation applications that will be conducted. Each end of a coupler should be inserted through the end of each hose that is being attached together. A metal clamp will need to be secured to the outside of the hose pieces. The clamp will prevent the coupler from coming loose.

Drip Tape

Drip irrigation supplies include drip tape and connectors (fittings). Drip tape is a thin-walled tube or pipe. Drip emitters that are spaced evenly along the length of a drip tape section will administer water slowly and consistently. Drip tape is often connected to a main line. Drip tape will remain flat when water is not actively running through it. Drip tape is most often used for low pressure and low water flow applications.

If drip tape and connectors are going to be secured to a layflat hose, a grommet kit may be needed to make holes in the hose. A grommet kit will punch a hole that can be used to secure a drip tape connector. Once a connector's ending has been secured to a layflat hose, the drip tape tube or pipe can be attached to the connector. The use of drip tape materials will allow irrigation to be performed in a wide, open area. Single rows of crops that will require a low amount of water that is dispensed at a low-pressure rating will benefit from the use of drip tape.

Talk to a supplier to learn more about layflat hose couplers.